Professional Fees

CLICK HERE to see a breakdown of fees for our Retrograde Cricopharyngeus Dysfunction (RCPD) procedure.

Our professional fees are posted here to assist those patients who prefer to pay out of pocket for their medical care, or who have high deductible coverage and have not yet met their deductible. We have included our most common codes for orientation and estimation purposes, and not as a guarantee of charges. Also, please note that these fees are subject to change.

BVI services are divided between evaluation and management (E&M) and procedures. E&M refers to time spent understanding the problem, doing a simple screening examination, and discussing the diagnosis and plan with patient and family. A procedure most often refers to endoscopy such as videostroboscopy (to evaluate voice disorders), videoendoscopic swallowing study, esophagoscopy, or tracheoscopy. Other procedures include Botox injection for spasmodic dysphonia, biopsy of a lesion, injection of voice gel or steroid, and so forth.

Procedure fees are relatively unvarying. E&M fees are a little more variable. If, for example, time spent with a new patient is longer or more complex than usual for 99203, it is possible that a higher code, 99204, might apply.

Given the nature of our practice, most patients are billed for an E&M code AND a procedure code. For example, a common combination for a new patient with a voice disorder would be 99203 + 31579.

Our Procedures & Professional Fees

Evaluation & Management (E&M)

* CPT is a “Current Procedural Terminology” code.
** All fees are estimates and subject to change based on contractual and other adjustments.
*** Typical new patient office visit + videostroboscopy is ~ $759.