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New Zealand Interview with Dr. Bastian

Federico Magrin from the New Zealand media company, Stuff, talked with Dr. Bastian about R-CPD (inability to burp, no-burp): its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. We appreciate the opportunity to help New Zealand readers halfway across the world find relief from their daily no-burp misery.

Dr. Rodel Velasquez visits BVI

Bastian Voice Institute was pleased to host Dr. Rodel Velasquez (ENT from Manila, Philippines) last week! Dr. Velasquez is chair of the Philippine Academy of Laryngology and Phoniatrics (PALP) and is one of the first doctors in South East Asia to treat R-CPD (inability to burp) patients. After completing a mini fellowship/preceptorship with our BVI […]

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

This week, we celebrate 20 years of helping thousands of patients from all 50 states, and more than 50 countries across the globe with their voice, swallowing and airway disorders. After a career in academic medicine, Dr. Robert W. Bastian founded Bastian Voice Institute, opening its doors in October 2003. Doctors recruited to the practice […]

Dr. Manuel Gil Ascencio Visits from Monterrey Mexico

We have enjoyed having Dr. Manuel Gil Ascencio (@drmanuelgil) from Monterrey, Mexico, visiting at Bastian Voice Institute recently. As one of just a few laryngologists in Mexico, Dr. Gil specializes in voice disorders, notably spasmodic dysphonia, vocal cord microsurgery, and R-CPD (inability to burp), to name a few. Dr. Gil has visited Dr. Bastian and […]

What Should the Comprehensive Otolaryngologist Know about Voice Care?

Our doctors answer questions about voice care on the Bulletin, an informational hub created by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. They discuss vocal over-doer syndrome, fiberoptic laryngoscopy versus videostroboscopy, muscle tension dysphonia management, and more. Read the full Q&A here.

A Toothache in the Neck? Dr. Bastian’s explains…

Hyoidynia is a specific source of pain in the neck can worry and bother and elude diagnosis. Dr. Bastian explains this little-known “toothache in the neck” disorder, and options for its treatment. For more information, see Thyrohyoid Syndrome on Laryngopedia, Dr. Bastian’s teaching website.

R-CPD (no-burp) Webinar with Dr. Robert Bastian July 26, 2022

Join Dr. Bastian LIVE on Zoom, July 26 at 6 p.m. CST as he presents an overview of Retrograde Cricopharyngeus Dysfunction (R-CPD), a disorder of the inability to burp. A Q&A session will occur afterwards. Go to for more details.

Dr. Bastian presents for Dysphonia International

In a recent webinar for Dysphonia International—formerly the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association (NSDA)—Dr. Bastian presented a talk called A Tour Of Voice Disorders, with Focus On Spasmodic Dysphonia. A brief Q&A session is included. Click here for the full webinar: For more information, go to

New Patient Portal Available

Our new patient portal is now available!  Create your account to send messages directly to the doctors, request appointments and make payments online.  The portal is created by Medfusion and can be found here:  

Updated article on Laryngopedia!

Chronic bacterial laryngitis is seen in persons who have undergone radiotherapy or who have an immune defect. The laryngitis can often be improved with antibiotics, and hydration / environmental humidification when dryness is part of the problem. It often recurs when antibiotics are discontinued: