Bastian Voice Institute

RRP is a devastating chronic infection of the larynx and sometimes trachea caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).  Until recently,  RRP was thought to “always” be caused by “low risk” subtypes 6 and 11.  More than 25 years ago, Dr. Bastian disputed this truism, and he and Dr. Richardson have been routinely HPV-subtyping each new patient.  They learned that other subtypes could cause the same clinical scenario as types 6 and 11.  And it appeared that persons with low-risk subtypes could be followed on an “as needed” basis according to voice needs, while higher-risk subtype patients should be followed on a strict schedule.  Recently, their new colleague, Dr. Rebecca Hoesli, with logistical help from physician assistant Melissa Wingo, created a study from their large database of subtypes.  One result is to formally dispel the common notion that RRP is “always” caused by HPV subtypes 6 or 11.  (They found 11 different subtypes.)  Another is to propose to colleagues who manage this disease that knowledge of specific HPV subtypes can inform clinical management of this disease.   To read the entire article, See also