Pace Bus Route

Pace Suburban Bus Route
Servicing Downers Grove, IL

Route 464 – West Downers Grove

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Intra-community service is operated by the Village of Downers Grove providing rush hour service from west Downers Grove and the Belmont Metra Station. This route provides service to the Bristol Club Apartments and the Meadowbrook Park-n-ride.

In Service Since: 1/1/2006

Fare Type: Special Fare

Special Express Fare Adult fare Reduced
Downers Grove Shuttles
Routes 461, 462, 463 and 464
$ 3.00 N/A

Operates M T W Th F

Connecting Pace Routes: No Data Available

Connecting CTA/Metra Train Routes: Metra – Belmont – BNSF, Metra – Burlington Northern Sante Fe

Connecting CTA

Landmarks: Belmont Metra Station – BNSF, Bristol Club Apartments, Meadowbrook Park-n-ride

Communities: Downers Grove

Operated By: Downers Grove

Pace Suburban Bus Route
Servicing Downers Grove, IL