BVI Staff Member Celebrates Milestone

In August one of our staff members, Sandy Meloy, celebrated 10 years with Bastian Voice Institute!  Sandy joins our other staff member, Tiffany Schroeder, in this great achievement.  Sandy started part-time working on insurance approvals and eventually became a full-time member of our team working both the Front Desk and in our back offices.  We are so glad she is a part of BVI; here’s to another 10 years!

Bastian Voice Institute Doctors Publish New Findings on RRP (Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis)

RRP is a devastating chronic infection of the larynx and sometimes trachea caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).  Until recently,  RRP was thought to “always” be caused by “low risk” subtypes 6 and 11.  More than 25 years ago, Dr. Bastian disputed this truism, and he and Dr. Richardson have been routinely HPV-subtyping each new patient.  They learned that other subtypes could cause the same clinical scenario as types 6 and 11.  And it appeared that persons with low-risk subtypes could be followed on an “as needed” basis according to voice needs, while higher-risk subtype patients should be followed on a strict schedule.  Recently, their new colleague, Dr. Rebecca Hoesli, with logistical help from physician assistant Melissa Wingo, created a study from their large database of subtypes.  One result is to formally dispel the common notion that RRP is “always” caused by HPV subtypes 6 or 11.  (They found 11 different subtypes.)  Another is to propose to colleagues who manage this disease that knowledge of specific HPV subtypes can inform clinical management of this disease.   To read the entire article, See also

Bastian Voice Institute doctors are the first to describe a surgical “fix” for inability to belch

Initially described by Dr. Bastian (and his first R-CPD patient, on Reddit: no-burp, inability to belch can cause the severe symptoms of socially-awkward gurgling noises, bloating, and excessive flatulence, etc.  BVI clinicians Bastian and Smithson (Wingo) published a report of the first 51 such patients, all treated successfully with Botox injection into the upper esophageal sphincter.  (See  Drs. Bastian and Hoesli have now published the first known report of a surgical solution to this problem:  cricopharyngeus myotomy.  For more information, see

We remain open during the shelter at home order.

The Bastian Voice Institute remains open during the shelter at home order.  We are open to seeing patients with urgent need in-person here at the office.  We also offer telehealth visits for those patients who would prefer to speak to a clinician remotely.  Feel free to call the office 630-724-1100 to schedule an appointment.

Can’t Burp? Check Out The Article From The Guardian here!

Dr. Bastian was recently featured in an article from The Guardian for the discovery and treatment of Retrograde Cricopharyngeus Dysfunction or The Inability to Burp. This new and ongoing treatment has been growing in numbers since our first case in 2015. Read more about it below!

Article from The Guardian by Amanda Holpuch

Take a look at our educational website to read more about the disorder:

Inability to Burp

Welcome, Melissa Wingo!

We would like to welcome Melissa Wingo, MS, PA-C to the Bastian Voice Institute family as our new Physician’s Assistant! Melissa will be assisting both Dr. Bastian and Dr. Richardson, and we are so excited to have her as a part of our team.

Chicago Master Singers and Dr. Bastian

In June 2017, Dr. Bastian spoke at a Chicago Master Singers event in Palatine, IL on “How To Protect Your Vocal Health.” Drawing from his experience both in music and in the otolaryngology field, he provided an overview of the anatomy of the voice and vibratory mechanics of the vocal cords and then explained what can go wrong especially in persons who are using their voices extensively, and how to detect and respond to injury when it is early and easily-reversible.

Upcoming Spasmodic Dysphonia Podcast

This coming Friday, May 22nd, Mary Spremulli will be hosting a live podcast at 12pm (EST) discussing spasmodic dysphonia. Her guests will include Kim Kuman Executive Director of National SD Association, Charlie Reavis, president NSDA, James Anderson, co-facilitator Tampa Bay support group, and Connie Pike, SLP. Come with open ears and prepared questions as you will be able to ask or email the guests questions! For more detailed information click here.

New Cough Study Co-Authored by Dr. Bastian

Bastian Voice Institute physician Dr. Robert Bastian co-authored a study published this month, “The use of neuralgia medications to treat sensory neuropathic cough.” The paper, which was published in the open-access journal PeerJ, reports a series of 32 consecutive patients newly diagnosed with sensory neuropathic cough who were treated with one or more of the medications amitriptyline, desipramine, and gabapentin.

To learn more about sensory neuropathic cough, see our learning website’s encyclopedia entry, complete with teaching videos.