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New video on YouTube about COVID cough!

Those who contracted COVID-19 but are still experiencing coughing several days or weeks after recovery may have sensory neuropathic cough (SNC), a damaging of sensory nerve endings in the trachea, larynx, or pharynx.

New Photo Study on Laryngopedia

In persons with inability to burp (R-CPD), air is forced upwards against an unyielding upper esophageal sphincter (cricopharyngeus muscle). Over time, this constant pressure appears to stretch or dilate the esophagus. Go to ( for an impressive photo study of this finding.

New Noburp Video on YouTube

New noburp video on YouTube! Unable to burp your entire life? Embarrassed by audible croaking and gurgling noises? Plagued by abdominal bloating/distention and chest or low neck pressure? Distressed by excessive flatulence? Are you even laughed at by others you tell about your inability to burp? You may have a condition called “noburp” on social […]

New Laryngopedia Post: COVID-19 Coughing

Still coughing after COVID? Especially early on after contracting the virus, coughing may serve to clear secretions from resolving lung inflammation. While such a cough may help lungs return to health, eventually, it can start to annoy or even severely affect quality of life. The diagnosis can be sensory neuropathic cough and can be caused […]

New Laryngopedia Post | Mycobacterium abscesses

In a recently published photo study on Laryngopedia, Dr. Bastian takes a look at a mycobacterium abscessus infection of the larynx. Symptoms can include trouble breathing or a harsh voice. CLICK HERE to learn more.

New Laryngopedia Article: The Gasping Syndrome

Are you experiencing shortness of breath that your doctors can’t explain? You may have the Gasping Syndrome! Go to and read Dr. Bastian’s newly published article on this unusual disorder.

BVI Staff Member Celebrates Milestone

In August one of our staff members, Sandy Meloy, celebrated 10 years with Bastian Voice Institute!  Sandy joins our other staff member, Tiffany Schroeder, in this great achievement.  Sandy started part-time working on insurance approvals and eventually became a full-time member of our team working both the Front Desk and in our back offices.  We […]

Bastian Voice Institute doctors are the first to describe a surgical “fix” for inability to belch

Initially described by Dr. Bastian (and his first R-CPD patient, on Reddit: no-burp, inability to belch can cause the severe symptoms of socially-awkward gurgling noises, bloating, and excessive flatulence, etc.  BVI clinicians Bastian and Smithson (Wingo) published a report of the first 51 such patients, all treated successfully with Botox injection into the upper […]