Vocal limitations*

Description or cataloguing of expected capabilities that the individual has lost. Via [intlink id=”157″ type=”post”]elicitation[/intlink], the examiner seeks to answer the question: “What can’t this voice do that it should be able to do?” The set of incapacities of an individual voice, as compared with what would be expected, if that voice were entirely normal for age and sex. Vocal limitations may not be understood by clinicians who: (1) do not have a complete understanding of normal capabilities, often derived through thorough knowledge of singing voice capabilities; (2) can’t or don’t elicit a complete [intlink id=”630″ type=”post”]vocal capability battery[/intlink], with necessary [intlink id=”353″ type=”post”]modeling[/intlink] of various [intlink id=”665″ type=”post”]vocal tasks[/intlink], particularly at the extremes of vocal capability.

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