Technology-driven diagnostic model

Used somewhat interchangeably with the [intlink id=”468″ type=”post”]reductionistic diagnostic model[/intlink]. The idea of this model appears to be that technology is generally the answer to difficult diagnostic dilemmas. The hope is also looking to make voice diagnosis more “scientific” or “objective.” Inherent to the technology-driven model is the idea that the disorder will be better understood if only we can make enough measures of various sorts. By extension, if we don’t understand a voice disorder completely by the end of a large battery of measurements, we need more measures. While BVI clinicians make use of state-of-the-art technology, the [intlink id=”245″ type=”post”]integrative diagnostic model[/intlink] is preferred. See also [intlink id=”800″ type=”page”]BVI’s diagnostic model/method for voice disorders[/intlink].

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