Reductionistic diagnostic model*

Term used somewhat interchangeably with the [intlink id=”566″ type=”post”]technology-driven diagnostic model[/intlink]. Reductionism is a theory that all complex systems can be completely understood in terms of their components. Applied to voice disorders, this would suggest that we can understand every voice disorder if we can only make enough measures of various sorts. By extension, proponents of the reductionistic diagnostic model might suggest that if we do not understand a voice disorder completely by the end of a comprehensive set of measures, we need more measures! This model for voice disorder evaluation might be viewed in competition with the [intlink id=”245″ type=”post”]integrative diagnostic model[/intlink] used at Bastian Voice Institute. See also [intlink id=”800″ type=”page”]BVI’s diagnostic model/method for voice disorders[/intlink].

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