Laryngopharynx reflux disease

A constellation of symptoms and findings caused by reflux (backwards flow) of stomach acid into the throat or larynx, typically during sleep. May be seen with or without the heartburn, acid belching, etc., commonly associated with [intlink id=”189″ type=”post”]GERD[/intlink]. The classic symptoms of [intlink id=”294″ type=”post”]LPRD[/intlink] may be exaggerated in the morning and include one or more of the following: dry throat, rawness or scratchy sensation, increased mucus production and attendant throat clearing, husky voice quality or low-pitched morning voice, irritative cough, and, if one is a singer, the need for prolonged warm-up. For appropriate treatment measures, see [intlink id=”189″ type=”post”]GERD[/intlink].

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