Air-wasting dysphonia*

A kind of hoarseness that refers to the breathiness (see [intlink id=”64″ type=”post”]Breathy dysphonia[/intlink]) that one is hearing. Typically, the length of time a person can sustain voice without taking a new breath ([intlink id=”338″ type=”post”]maximum phonation time, or MPT[/intlink]) is decreased. The voice may be described as whispery or foggy or fuzzy. Among other things, possible causes include [intlink id=”641″ type=”post”]vocal fold paralysis[/intlink] or paresis, [intlink id=”633″ type=”post”]vocal fold bowing[/intlink] and atrophy, or functional (especially [intlink id=”373″ type=”post”]nonorganic[/intlink]) voice problems.

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