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Note: For a more complete reference than this glossary, see our new standalone educational website, Bastian Medical Media for Laryngology. Within this glossary, entry titles ending with * were coined or brought into the language of voice disorders by Dr. Bastian, or to our knowledge are used primarily by BVI physicians and Bastian-trained fellows. © 2013 Bastian Voice Institute.

Web, glottic

See glottic web.

Wegener’s Granulomatosis

A rare inflammatory disease of small arteries and veins (vacuities) that classically involves vessels supplying the tissues of the lungs, nasal passages (sinuses), and kidneys. At BVI, we see a large population of persons with presumed Wegener’s granulomatosis causing subglottic and tracheal stenosis.

Working diagnosis

A term used to refer to the leading contender in a list of two or more potential diagnoses. Infrequently, at the conclusion of the initial consultation, we have two fairly strong diagnostic possibilities, and begin with treatment for one of them, now termed the working diagnosis, as the next step in finalizing a diagnosis. If a working diagnosis is relatively certain, we may begin treatment for that diagnosis. In other cases, additional testing is in order to try to solidify the working diagnosis into a final diagnosis.