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Note: For a more complete reference than this glossary, see our new standalone educational website, Bastian Medical Media for Laryngology. Within this glossary, entry titles ending with * were coined or brought into the language of voice disorders by Dr. Bastian, or to our knowledge are used primarily by BVI physicians and Bastian-trained fellows. © 2013 Bastian Voice Institute.


The cycle-to-cycle variability of the period duration of the acoustic signal coming from voice production. This measure is used as one way to assess the micro-instability of vocal fold vibrations. One of the acoustic measures often used by adherents of the technology-driven diagnostic model. Given that jitter can vary dramatically with changes of voice production within the same voice, and also that a given jitter measurement is non-specific to any particular voice disorder, jitter is considered superfluous to the integrative diagnostic method and is not used routinely at Bastian Voice Institute.